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Building mutual trust in the classroom

One of the most important purposes that schooling system ideally offers is a child’s holistic development where the growth is not only limited to only academics but overall as a transformed human being where along with intelligence children also develop good moral values. However the process to achieve this is understandably slow and a very delicately curated one. The first rule to facilitate it is to allow the flow to be organic and this is where teachers/mentors’ role comes into play.

Yes, a lot of teachers do have an amiable relationship with their respective students, however trust and amicability are two different things here. Once a teacher is successful in breaking the ice, what helps in maintaining that bond is TRUST. The child needs to know we care. Being a good listener, engaging in one-to-one conversations, actively showing readiness to help in solving the problems that come their way, all these lead to a strong sense of trustworthiness. But why is it so important though? The reason is, at many instances we get to see that a problem persists primarily because the mentor is at times not cognizant about the issue a particular child might be going through. Because children if they even remotely get the feeling of not being heard, won’t then care to share their problems and it is at this moment where trust factor kicks in. Hence, it is not about teacher being unable to address the issue, but actually the unawareness on the teacher’s part that is actually a more important area to be worked upon.

Mentors at Vedant understand this well and thus love to go all out to ensure that a student never goes through the hesitation of sharing what bothers him/her. We are very eager to use this blogging as a platform to share how our mentors do it actually, but until we meet again tomorrow, we would love to know how do you (parents) ensure the same thing for children while at home?